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Tampa — one of the most attractive places to live in USA

Tampa is the third largest city in Florida, located in its western part, on the shores of Tampa Bay.  Today Tampa is considered one of the most attractive places to live in the United States.  The city is famous for its excellent climate, sandy beaches, golf courses, and a large number of places for recreation and entertainment.  It’s no wonder Tampa is so popular with tourists.

History of the city

The name “Tampa” was given to the future city by the ancient Indian tribes.  In summer, during storms on the bay, the Indians observed frequent lightning.  They nicknamed the frightening natural phenomenon “tampa” (or in translation – “fire sticks”).  So they began to call this area.  The Spanish conquistadors who landed here adopted this name.

Numerous attacks and internecine wars between Indians and Spaniards weakened the settlement.  The United States later bought Florida from Spain and made Tampa an outpost.  This place received the status of a village and by that time had less than 200 inhabitants.

In 1883, the discovery of phosphate, a rare mineral for the production of fertilizers, made Tampa famous.  People flooded here.  Carrying out a railway in the vicinity accelerated the extraction of the mineral, trade and resettlement to the city.  And today Tampa remains one of the largest centers for the production of phosphates.

After the construction of the railway, gold prospectors and businessmen flocked to Tampa.  A major American industrialist – the Spaniard Vicente Martinez Ibor – founded a cigar production center here.

The population of the village increased dramatically.  Confident in his decisions, the Spaniard created more than a hundred jobs and recruited people from Cuba and Latin America.  As if by magic, houses and industrial buildings began to grow on the bay.  So the city of Tampa became the cigar capital of the world.

Today, Tampa is considered one of the five thriving and best-living cities in the United States with a population of over 300 thousand people.

Tampa 2020 – City of Palm Trees & Cranes

Features of rest

More and more tourists choose Tampa for recreation, and students often come here under the Work & Travel programs.

The city is famous for its mild climate, here you can relax all year round.  The hot sun will give a luxurious tan and provide vitamin D in the summer and pamper the warmth of its rays in the winter.  Even during the coldest months – January and February – the temperature does not drop below 21 ° C. White sand beaches, warm and clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico hold a special place in the hearts of travelers who come back here again and again.

The city is ideal for active and sporty leisure, but most of all it is famous for its chic golf courses.  Tampa is the best destination for golfers from all over the world.  Many athletes are so enamored with the sporting atmosphere and opportunities that they buy homes here and stay forever.

Tampa landmarks

There are many interesting places in Tampa that are a must-see for tourists.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

The Catholic Church in the city center delights with its unique stained-glass window decoration depicting saints.  The oldest building was built in 1905 in the Romanesque style.  The building was made on the site of a former wooden church built in honor of the Catholic parish on the West Coast of Florida. Nicholas J. Clayton of Galveston, Texas became the creator and architect of the new church.  The skilled craftsman also designed other Roman Catholic churches in the United States.  The building of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church is made of granite and marble, the doors and benches are made of solid oak, and the dome is 135 meters high. Today, the church hosts weddings and tourists love the place for its special sacred atmosphere.

Hyde Park

A prestigious area where modern buildings and old houses coexist with a unique ancient history preserved on the facades of buildings, in ornate frames and window shutters.  One of the most amazing parts of the city, where you can still feel the special mood of yesteryear, despite the modern architecture. Comfortable houses and all the necessary infrastructure make the area a convenient place for living and excursions.  Shops, malls and restaurants complement walking in the area.

SS American Victory Mariners’ Memorial and Museum Ship

A small ship that took part in sea battles in Korea and Vietnam, and also fought in battles during World War II.  During the excursion, tourists climb aboard the ship, study the life of the crew.  And at this time, military music is playing around, creating an atmosphere. The excursion to the ship will appeal to all boys and lovers of history, military crews and equipment.  Families and couples come here to walk and feel the military atmosphere of the past.

 Sunshine Skyway Bridge

The legendary spiral bridge across the bay is a unique creation of architects and the pride of local residents.  The bridge connects Tampa to St. Petersburg.  The impressive structure rises up and down and looks impressive from all angles.

Cars pass over the bridge, motor ships sail under it, and planes fly from above.  There is an observation deck not far from the bridge, where tourists can see the structure in all its glory.

There is a steep climb at the entrance to the bridge.  You cannot stop at the bridge itself, so you should think over and choose a place for good shots in advance.

Arena St.  Pete Times Forum, Amalie Arena

You can’t go to Tampa and not go to hockey.  During the games, the Arena hosts music and entertainment events, performances by popular rock bands and contests for fans.

Tourists and locals alike come here with families and large groups.  There are also shops where you can buy souvenirs.  And if you’re in the mood for a bite to eat, check out local cafes.

Strict security measures at the entrance and throughout the game will not disturb and spoil the atmosphere of the competition.


Wat Mongkolrata Temple

A flamboyant Thai temple in Tampa is no different from any in Thailand.  People come here for impressions and good delicious Thai food.  The amazing garden is full of medicinal herbs.  There is a food court and a souvenir shop on the territory of the temple.  This place is very popular with tourists.  And if you don’t want to stand in long lines, it’s better to come here early in the morning.


Tampa Riverwalk (Tampa Waterfront)

The cozy and sunny promenade with cafes and benches for relaxation is popular with both tourists and locals.  Everyone who wants to relax and enjoy the views of the bay spends time here.  Cyclists love the embankment for its smooth, comfortable paths; couples stroll slowly under the light of lanterns.  At the end of the embankment, you will find a view of the old magnificent drawbridge.

What to do in the city?

There are still many places in Tampa to have a great time.  For example, take a walk in one of the old areas of Ybor City.  It was here that the very Latin Americans and Cubans lived who once worked for the industrial magnate and cigar maker Mr. Martinez Ibor.

Numerous cigar factories gradually reduced their capacity.  In memory of the former glory of the city and the factories where the best cigars in Florida were created, the Cigar Museum is located here. The color and atmosphere in Ybor City is created by old trams, which you can ride today.

The Tampa Zoo is definitely worth a visit.  More than two thousand animals live in it.  The skillfully chosen habitat is popular with the “locals”.  In some areas, visitors to the zoo are allowed to feed and pet cute animals.  A separate place is occupied by a terrarium and an exhibition of reptiles.

The most popular and favorite destination in Tampa is Adventure Island.  It is a large aquatic complex of up to 25 acres.  All kinds of water slides and attractions are suitable for holidaymakers of all ages.  Toddlers and timid children can splash in children’s pools and ride on low slides. While fidgets and extreme lovers will love the “spray attack” attraction.  Also, thrill-seekers will not miss a single speed slide “Water Typhoon” – 25 meters of pure pleasure and continuous adrenaline.

The pride of the city and the whole of Florida is the Florida Aquarium.  If you have never been to depth, then this is a good chance to see everything that is available only to scuba divers and divers.  Tourists have access to four zones, each of which represents the water world of the coast.  Small fish, sharks, rays, and sea turtles swim up to the walls of the aquarium with curiosity, while you admire them on the other side.

Local residents and guests of the city are looking forward to a popular holiday – the Gasparilla Pirate Festival.  The annual event of significance for the city is held in winter, at the end of January.  The festival is held in honor of the brave old pirate Kose Gaspar, who roamed the seas and oceans, made wealth, helped the poor, and did not spare anyone who would stand in his way.

What’s nearby?

Not far from Tampa is Tarpon Lake.  Here they fish and take photographs of amazing birds that live in picturesque places.  Avid anglers will definitely appreciate the fishing and the wonderful relaxing atmosphere on the lake.

Warm Mineral Springs (or “warm mineral spring”) is another lake near Tampa.  The lake received its healing properties thanks to the mineral spring.  Ancient tribes of Indians guarded the lake, considered it sacred and did everything to ward off strangers.  They fought with the Spaniards, killed everyone who came to these lands.  Then the lake was almost forgotten, and only in 1942 it was officially marked on the state map.

The temperature in the lake does not drop below 29-30 degrees Celsius all year round, so you can swim here regardless of the season.  And the healing properties of minerals positively help to get rid of skin and bone diseases.

Relax by the lake in a park full of citrus and fruit groves.

Where to dine?

In Tampa, you can always find a place to relax after an active day and dine to the melodic rhythms of live music.  Or have a snack in a cafe in the afternoon before storming the next sights.

Catch Twenty-Three – Tamp
10103 Montague St, Tampa, FL 33626-1857

Cozy restaurant with American cuisine, which also serves sushi and steaks.  Highlights on the menu are lobster escargot, lobster snail, and guava salmon wrapped in apple bacon.  Delicate desserts and unique cocktails will make your dinner even more delicious.  A relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant will perfectly complement the impeccable service and dishes from the chef.

Datz Tampa
2616 S Macdill Ave, Tampa, FL 33629-7220

This place will appeal to lovers of tasty and a lot of food.  Huge portions of dishes prepared according to the author’s recipes cannot leave indifferent any gourmet.  Chicken with waffle and egg, shrimp, spicy herbs, various greens, and other tasty morsels await guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The place is very popular, so sometimes it is difficult to find a parking space here.

Eddie & Sam’s NY Pizza
203 E Twiggs St, Tampa, FL 33602-4404

The place where delicious Italian pizza is prepared.  Excellent pizzeria with reasonable prices.  The super thin crust and soft, viscous cheese on the pizza are popular with visitors from all over the city.  A great snack after long walks in the city.

Wright’s Gourmet House
1200 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33629-5009

Alpine cakes, yellow cakes with chocolate, blue hummingbird pie, are the best cakes in town, you can try here.  You can refresh and pamper yourself both in the cafe and at home, taking baked goods with you.

La Terrazza Restaurant
1727 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605-3805

A small Italian restaurant has long won the love of both locals and tourists.  It is a perfect combination of Italian cuisine and seafood.  Tortellini with mushrooms, ravioli with crab, and lobster minestrone soup – all at reasonable prices.  Great wines and delicious desserts will complement your lunch or dinner.  You will want to come back here again, as to good old friends for delicious food and a sincere atmosphere.

How long is it to Tampa?

If you travel from Fort Lauderdale Airport, then we can fly to Tampa in about 2 hours (time may vary, depending on weather conditions).  The distance between two points on the route is 180 miles.

You can go to Tampa for one day: we will fly out in the morning and return back the same evening.  If you plan to stay in the city for a couple of days, our plane will wait for you at the airport to return the next day.

The cost of a flight to Tampa for one day with a departure from Fort Lauderdale is $ 1800, for two days – $ 2200.

You can also create your own flight routes visiting several cities in Florida.  The cost and conditions of such tours are discussed individually.

Great view from aircraft on the way from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa

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