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Key West – the pearl of South Florida

Key West is one of the most attractive and beautiful places in South Florida. It is the southernmost point of the continental United States of America. Especially on this occasion, there is a point on Key West (see the picture) at which tourists and guests of the city are photographed. It is the “zero kilometer”, from which the track number 1 (US 1) begins its report of kilometers.

It’s also just 90 miles straight to Cuba.

Fun fact: the cellular communication in Cuba catches in some places in Havana from transmitters located on Key West.




The Florida Keys, The Overseas Highway, & Key West

What to watch?

Sunset Key island

Sunset Key Island is a stunning small island directly opposite of Key West’s main waterfront, home to Latitudes Restaurant and the chic Sunset Key Cottages.

The restaurant offers stunning sunset views, but tables for the evening are booked a couple of weeks in advance. You can stay overnight in cottages on the island, from $800 per night, depending on the season. The island itself can only be reached by a small ferry that departs from pier 29 every 15 minutes.

In the evenings, the island and the restaurant veranda offer amazing sunset views, and boats of all sizes and types that leave an hour before sunset with tourists to admire this truly impressive sight.

Hemingway House Key West

Hemingway House

The Hemingway Museum is one of the most remarkable and popular places in Key West. The house in which Ernest Hemingway lived 10 years of his life, retained the spirit of the times. Despite the crowds of tourists, the house is still inhabited by rare six-fingered cats, the heirs of Hemingway’s cats. It also houses the very first pool dug in Key West in 1938.

The museum has wonderful guides who will gladly tell you about the history of the house and its inhabitants, as well as brochures in various languages, including Russian and Chinese.

In the house, you can throw a party for quite some money.

Museums and landmarks

Also on Key West, you can find a dozen more museums and notable places, for example:

Museum of the lighthouse keepers and the lighthouse itself
The old customs building, which is now the Key West Museum. It contains two floors of exhibits, historical artifacts, and art objects.
Home and Museum of Harry Truman, 33rd President of the United States, where he spent a total of 175 days of his presidency.
• Small fortress – Fort East Martello.
The Maritime Museum, housed in one of the Coast Guard’s warships.
• and a dozen more different museums and memorable places (check out this YouTube channel), art galleries, and events.

Things to do

Water activites

First of all, Key West is famous for its water activities for every taste:

• Diving and snorkeling: All around Key West, there are huge numbers of sunken ships and other wrecks. If you are planning a two-day tour, then on the second day at 8 am you can be at any of the many diving offices that will pick you up, load, and bring you back in the afternoon.

• Any water activities – jet skis, parasailing, motor and sailing yachts, individual and group charters

• Fishing! If you are an avid fisherman and want to spend half a day in the ocean in pursuit of fish – then you are on Key West and straight to the Fisher pier, where there are any fishing boats for every taste.

• And finally, again about water, but already entertainment is available to everyone – every evening, about an hour before sunset, hundreds of large and small ships, sailing and not, catamarans, and boats on oars – all go out to sea to see the sun. A lot of people tumble out onto the main pier, which is called Sunset Pier, where street musicians and various artists gather. Stage performances are shown and everyone welcomes the sunset with applause. This must be seen at least once.

What will we see from the air?

The drive to Key West is wonderful itself, and many of our clients find it almost more wonderful than visiting Key West itself.

First, we’ll fly along the entire coast of Miami including flying along with Miami Downtown and access to the famous Stiltsville Houses. And further along with the beautiful islands of the Florida Keys: Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine Key, and so on.

7-miles bridge

We will see many bridges along the way, including the longest bridge along the way, the 7-mile bridge. Previously, until 1935, these bridges served as railway bridges, but after the hurricane of 1935, they were partially destroyed and subsequently reconstructed to support the US 1 route.






Interesting fact: near Key West is a base of airships that rise to an altitude of 14,000 feet (4 kilometers) and the target of airships during the Cold War was American propaganda (radio and television broadcasts) aimed at Cuba. The airships are currently on a peaceful mission to monitor the weather in the Caribbean and predict hurricanes.

Dry Tortugas

Not far from Key West there are the wonderful island-fortress Dry Tortugas National Park, which can be reached either by ferry or by plane with water floats.

The trip must be planned in advance and will take the whole day, from 7 am to 5 pm.

Fort Jefferson is located on the island, the construction of which began in 1846.

Great view from aircraft on the way from Fort Lauderdale to Key West

Watch the video of the flight to Key West