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Naples- A Luxury Vacation

The sun slowly recedes below the horizon, painting the sky with a bright red-orange gradient. You walk quietly along the endlessly long beach. Legs are pleasantly buried in the soft sand and the smell of the evening freshness can be heard from the sea … It is hard to believe that literally two hours away from this peaceful place there is a crowded and almost sleepy Miami. Here – in Naples – there are no parties until the morning, no noisy bars, and no discos. But there is peace and quiet for a luxury holiday.

Features of rest in Naples

The small and cozy town of Naples is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The history of the resort began in the middle of the 19th century, when the settlers Gordon and Higgins discovered this secluded corner. The place reminded them of Italian Naples, so the city got a consonant name – Naples.

The city grew rapidly, and by the 20s of the twentieth century it gained fame as an expensive resort, where wealthy residents from the nearest states fell in love with during the rainy autumn and winter months. According to the stories, Greta Garbo and Harry Cooper often rested here with other celebrities.

Today the area of ​​the city is only 37 square kilometers, 6 of which are canals and lakes. But, despite its modest size, Naples fell in love with connoisseurs of a measured and expensive vacation. If in Miami, life is in full swing 24 hours a day, then here it goes slowly.

Wealthy Americans love to come to Naples to play golf, compete with friends on the tennis court, or stroll along the sandy beach that stretches for 7 miles along the coast.

Interesting fact. There are quite a few swampy bodies of water in Naples that are home to alligators. Therefore, at tourist places and hotels you can see signs urging you to refrain from feeding crocodiles.

You can come to Naples on vacation all year round, because in winter, during the daytime, the temperature does not drop below +24 degrees. This time is even more comfortable than the hot summer months, when high humidity is added to the temperature of +32 – +36 degrees. Therefore, the best time is considered to be the period from the end of October to May.

Amazing Naples

What to see?

Naples is a city of luxury villas and luxury hotels. But almost all high-rise buildings are located on the coast of the bay. The most luxurious and expensive hotels are located here. Even during a normal walk around the city many photographs can be taken. Particularly expressive shots can be obtained at hours when the sun has not yet gone beyond the horizon, but twilight has already gradually begun to fall on the city, and lights are lit on the streets.

Naples has many attractions and places of interest that we also recommend visiting.

Historical Museum Palm Cottage

This building, built in 1985, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was once owned by Walter Haldeman, the owner of one of the largest newspapers of the late 19th century, the Louisville Courier Journal. After Halderman died in 1902, the house changed many owners. The modern name – Palm Cottage – was given to the building by the Parmer couple, who moved here in 1916.

The building was converted into a museum not so long ago – in 1996. Today the Palm Cottage exposition contains a lot of paintings, interior items and other historical values.

The Revs Institute’s private car collection

The 80,000-square-foot, three-story building houses over a hundred unique vehicles. This private collection belongs to Miles Collier, an artist and philanthropist. Despite the fact that Michaels grew up in one of the wealthy American families, he is such a non-public person that he refuses to appear even in photographs of his museum.

By creating the collection, the American tried to show the role of cars in the history of mankind. The collector is sure that it is the cars that have shaped the modern world in which we live. Therefore, his collection of cars, opened to the public in 2009, was created to explore the automotive industry and its impact on society as deeply as possible.

The zoo near the Caribbean Gardens

has become home to many exotic animals: here you can see zebras, lions, tigers, leopards and other predators and herbivores. In the center of the zoo there is a large pond, on the shore of which you can sit from the shade of trees and observe the local inhabitants.

The zoo was founded by Henry Närling. In 1919, he purchased land in Naples and set up a garden with about 3,000 species of exotic plants. But after Nairling’s death, this place was abandoned for a while. Another 20 years passed before the garden found its second life. In 1954, it was reopened for guests, only now there is also a zoo here.

Crayton Cove area

Walking through this seaside area, you can see many historic buildings. For example, the Bayview Inn houses the very first pharmacy that once appeared in the city. This area is considered one of the most prestigious in Naples, so there are a lot of luxury villas, yachts, boats and private piers.

Area Marco Island

Tourists come here to observe the life of sea cows. They graze near the shore and eat aquatic plants. These inhabitants of sea waters are not very attractive, but they are very funny and touching with their phlegmatic behavior.

Things to do?

If you like fun parties and outdoor activities, then it is better to choose another destination for yourself. People come to Naples for a leisurely and relaxing holiday. Here are some of the main activities that are popular with local tourists.

Golf and tennis. Naples is considered the golf capital of the world. It is said that there are more holes to play in the entire city than the locals. There are also many tennis courts, which are scattered in large numbers throughout the city and the surrounding area. It is golf and tennis that are the favorite pastimes of Americans who regularly come here on vacation.

Fishing. Fishing in Naples is a pleasure. Thanks to the warm climate, a wide variety of fish live in the local waters. You can catch them in the open sea, rivers and lakes, backwaters. You will get a great catch anyway. You can go fishing on your own by renting a boat or speedboat, or use the services of guides. It is also allowed to fish from the fishing piers built on the coast of the bay.

Beach vacation. What could be better than sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the bay and listening to the calm lapping of the waves? The water in the ocean is clear blue, the sand is perfectly clean and snow-white, and the beach strip stretches far ahead – as far as the eye can see. The best place to watch the sunsets will be the famous fishing pier, which goes 300 meters into the bay.

If you’re lucky, between May and October, you can watch sea turtles from afar that come ashore to lay eggs. But getting close, as well as taking pictures with a flash, is prohibited, so as not to scare the fearful inhabitants of the sea.

Walking in the park. There are more than 15 parks in Naples, rich in subtropical plants, in the shade of which it is especially pleasant to sit in the midday heat. In the parks, you can play tennis and football, have a tasty meal in a cafe or restaurant, have a picnic in a specially designated area, and even swim in one of the outdoor pools.

Theater. For art lovers, we recommend visiting Downtown. Two theater companies are based here at once. The first, the TheaterZone, performs at the G&L Theater and specializes in the so-called Lost Treasures of Broadway. Performances by the second, amateur troupe The Naples Players can be seen at the Sugden Public Theater. By the way, this theater was awarded the title of the best in the southwest of Florida 9 times (including among professional troupes).

Shopping. An expensive resort cannot do without shopping centers. Naples’ major stores and malls are located on South Fifth and Third Avenues. Here you can also find a lot of interesting antique shops, art galleries, home decor shops. And the most upscale boutiques are best in The Village on Venetian Bay. Finally, not far from Downtown, you can visit the Tin City shopping area, which specializes in the sale of hand-made souvenirs and antiques.

What’s nearby?

Not far from Naples are the famous Everglades National Park and the Corkscrew Swamp nursery. It is believed that it is in this reserve that you can see the largest old-growth cypress forest, the area of ​​which is 13,000 acres. It is worth coming here for a short trip to pristine nature, protected from human interference.

There is a 4 km long hiking trail in the reserve. On the way for tourists there are signs with information about this place and the plants that are around. You can also meet volunteers here: they will tell tourists about the unique species of local flora. Representatives of the fauna can also be found in the reserve. For example, raccoons, alligators, turtles, otters and many different birds.

Be sure to take a stroll through the reserve to breathe in the purest air of cypress forests.

Where to dine?

Despite the fact that Naples is a small town, there are many restaurants, cafes and bars in it. Most of them offer American cuisine, but there are also restaurants serving Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese, Thai and even Cuban cuisine. We also recommend visiting excellent steakhouses and grill bars for city guests. We will present you only a few Naples establishments where you can have a delicious and hearty dinner or lunch.

Pelican Larry’s Raw Bar & Grill – Pine Ridge Rd.
Address: 1046 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples (FL)

Delicious oysters and the best chicken wings in town can be enjoyed at Pelican Larry’s Raw Bar & Grill. More than 20 varieties of craft beer are also presented in the bar menu. And on Saturdays and Sundays, you can watch sports broadcasts in an excellent com pania. The bar is open daily and is ready to satisfy your hunger until two in the morning.

Jimmy p’s charred
Address: 1833 Tamiami Trl N, Naples (FL)

Local beef steaks have garnered a large number of gastronomic awards. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste signature masterpieces from the chef and enjoy the taste of juicy and aromatic meat. In addition to the signature beef steaks, the menu offers a variety of seafood, poultry, lamb, veal and exotic bushmeat. Be sure to order homemade meat delicacies, ribs, sausages, and in addition to them – a glass of fine wine.

Sea Salt
Address: 1186 3rd St S, Naples (FL)

One of the city’s best fish restaurants opens its doors daily at 11:30. Here you can taste Mediterranean specialties from the chef and his team. Each dish is like a new discovery. In the center of the menu are real masterpieces of seafood, but meat lovers will also find many excellent options for themselves here. And the wine list at Sea Salt is one of the best in all of Naples. The open kitchen allows visitors to observe the creativity of the culinary team.

South Street City Oven and Grill
Address: 1410 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples (FL)

Would you like to taste the delicious Italian pizza from the oven? Then be sure to check out this bar. And don’t forget to pamper yourself with a glass of aromatic beer, because here you can choose one of 54 varieties of this foamy drink. It is said to be home to the largest selection of craft beers in all of Southwest Florida.

Bayside Seafood Grill & Bar
Address: 4270 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Naples (FL)

Bayside Seafood Grill & Bar is two floors of a unique atmosphere overlooking the waterfront. Downstairs there are simpler and more casual lounges, and on the second floor there is a sophisticated open bar. Here, sitting at a table, you can admire the sunset and enjoy live music.

Only local food can be better than these types. The grill bar menu is varied, from sandwiches, salads and cold drinks to superbly cooked seafood, grilled steaks and an impressive wine list. Trust me, it will be difficult for you to dine at Bayside just once and not come back again.

How long to fly to Naples

If you fly to Naples from the main airfield in Fort Lauderdale, the flight time will be approximately 50 minutes. A flight to Naples from Miami will take about the same amount of time.

Before landing at the airfield, you can see the city from above:

  • admire the contrast between high-rise beachfront hotels and luxury low-rise villas;
  • consider boats and yachts slowly swaying on the water;
  • see an endless line of sandy beach, as well as many small lakes and canals.

The airport where we will land is located in the city itself, just 1.5 kilometers from the beach. You can easily get to your hotel by taxi.

You can also visit Naples as part of a large and very interesting trip with a departure from Key West or St. Petersburg. We also recommend visiting the cities of the big triangle – Miami – Key West – Naples.

Great view from aircraft on the way from Fort Lauderdale to Key West

Watch the video of the flight to Naples