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Daytona Beach: capital of speed

A city of bikers and racers, surfers and golfers.  Meet Daytona Beach – a Central Florida resort nestled on the Atlantic coast.  Tourists love this place for its comfortable climate, sandy beaches and cozy restaurants overlooking the ocean.  They come here both with friends and with the whole family – Daytona Beach will delight everyone.

“City of Speed”

Vroom vroom!  In Daytona, you will definitely hear the sound of motors.  After all, this city has become a real capital of bikers and race car drivers.  They began to gather here since the beginning of the twentieth century, when the first car wave swept around the world.  The local beach with a length of 35 kilometers was chosen by the first motorists.  The perfectly smooth coastline has become a hangout for auto and motorcycle racers from all over the world.

Interesting fact.  Historically, the very first races in Daytona Beach were attended by cars made by Louis Chevrolet and Henry Ford.  And in the 30s of the last century, racer Malcolm Campbell set his first record here and broke all the previous achievements of motorsport.  Since then, the resort on the Atlantic coast has received its second name – “City of Speed”.

Racing is still one of the main events in Daytona.  Every year in February, motorists and motorcycle racers come to the city to show themselves and their “iron horses” at the “Speed ​​Week” (Speedweeks).  At the same time, the prestigious Daytona 500 race starts, which has already been loved by millions of viewers.

In January, tourists can watch the equally cool 24-hour Rolex-24 race featuring sports cars.

March in Daytona is motorcycle racing time.  This month the city is turning into a big biker hangout.  Tourists will be interested in watching festivals, concerts and other events that take place on the main street of the resort.

Well, for everyone who loves retro, Daytona Beach awaits at Daytona Turkey Run.  This large-scale show of vintage cars takes place in the city every November- on Thanksgiving Day.

Daytona Beach Florida by Drone

What to watch?

If racing and speed are not your strong point, you can come to Doughton Beach for a relaxing break.  Here you can soak up the beach, go shopping, or see a couple of local attractions.  Here are just a few of them.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Ponce Inlet – the first on the resort’s list of attractions – bears the title of the tallest lighthouse in all of Florida and has been a US National Monument since 1998.  There are always many tourists near the lighthouse who want to take pictures with this impressive structure in the background.  And also – look into the neighboring museum, which contains exhibits from the US Coast Guard.  But it’s best to come here in the evening, when dozens of lights illuminate the lighthouse and the area around it.

The Marine Science Center

For lovers of marine life, we recommend visiting The Marine Science Center.  This is the second most popular tourist destination in Daytona Beach.  Here you can see the Bird Sanctuary, stuffed animals, aquariums with large turtles and rays.  The maritime center will be interesting for both adults and young visitors.

Pirate’s island adventure

“Pirate Island” is the real pride of Daytona Beach.  It will be interesting for visitors of any age.  But the main attraction of this place is the golf course.  It was artificially created.  The owners have invested a lot of effort and money to equip the hills of different heights.  And there are also many reservoirs and waterfalls.  There is even a pirate cave.  Thanks to the well thought out lighting, you can play golf even after sunset.


Don’t forget to visit the Museum of Arts and Science.  Here you can get acquainted with the local history and culture, explore hundreds of interesting exhibits – from the smallest to the gigantic ones.

Congo River Adventure Golf Daytona

Another golf course.  This park is amazing because you can not only play in it, but also see how real alligators live.  And the most daring visitors are even allowed to feed them.  True, you will have to buy food in a special store that is open in the park.

What’s nearby?

Just 50 miles from Daytona Beach is another tourist city in Florida – St. Augustine.  Those who want to learn more about the history of America are definitely worth a visit here.  After all, this city, founded by the Spaniards, is today considered one of the rare examples of medieval European architecture.

Where to dine?

But for now, we’ll head back to Daytona Beach for a delicious dinner at one of the local restaurants.  We wish you bon appetit!

Ocean Deck Restaurant & Beach Club

The residents of Daytona Beach themselves recommend tourists to definitely look into this American restaurant. Here you can comfortably sit in the main room overlooking the ocean or choose a table on the open veranda. Don’t forget to try the fish sandwiches, grilled tuna and coconut shrimp. And if you want to indulge yourself with a cool drink on a hot day, order draft beer, lemonade, or iced tea.

Grind Gastropub & Kona Tiki Bar

This place has a lot of delicious food and good live music.  And also – gorgeous cocktails and atmosphere.  You can choose a table at a gastropub known for its original serving of dishes.  Or sit behind a bar where the bartender will mix cocktails for you.  Finally, there is another secret entrance here that leads visitors to the vintage wine cellar.  On the menu we recommend trying the bison burger, Thai chicken, and delicious pizza.

Want to try Caribbean cuisine? Then be sure to check out Caribbean Jack’s. If the weather permits, take a table on the pier by the water. Local tacos won’t leave you indifferent! You can also pamper yourself with meat and seafood dishes. And for dessert, order a brownie or a pie with lime filling. In the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant, it is so pleasant to sip a cocktail and watch the setting sun sink into the water.

Aunt catfish’s on the river

Fresh seafood, flavored ribs and mouth-watering snacks set in the unique ambiance of old Florida. All this awaits you in a fish restaurant with a shady veranda on the embankment and a beautiful view of the water. In addition to a wide variety of meat and fish dishes, there is a separate children’s menu and special offers for Sunday breakfast. And don’t forget to taste the local cinnamon rolls, which have been baked every morning in this restaurant for over 45 years.

Have you flown?

If you decide to spend a couple of days in Daytona Beach, we will comfortably transport you to this sunny resort from almost anywhere in Florida.  You can book a one-day or two-day tour on a Fly Dream plane.  We are also ready to draw up individual itineraries and accompany you while traveling through the cities of Florida.  It’s always a pleasure to fly with us!

Daytona Beach: Top Ten Things To Do

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